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Microsoft unveils the Edge browser powered by ChatGPT, asserting that it will revolutionize the web.

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Microsoft’s Edge web browser gets ChatGPT-like features

The AI competition continues as Microsoft unveils two new AI offerings just a day after Google introduced its ChatGPT rival, Bard. Microsoft is confident that its new products will drastically alter the web search and browsing experience.

On the same day, Microsoft declared an unexpected AI event to be held at the company’s headquarters in Redmond. During the private press conference, CEO Satya Nadella announced the re-launch of the company’s Edge browser and Bing search engine.

These browser and search engine advancements have been enhanced with an advanced version of ChatGPT’s AI technology. According to Digital Trends, certain features of the browser have been replaced with AI tools to optimize it for natural language queries. Microsoft claims that the integration will serve as “your AI partner for the web.

Microsoft has recently unveiled two AI-powered products in an event held at its headquarters in Redmond, following Google’s announcement of its ChatGPT-based tool, Bard. The tech giant claims that the AI integration in its Edge browser and Bing search engine can reshape the web browsing and searching experience. The search engine has been fortified with OpenAI’s technology, including the Prometheus Model, which is expected to deliver accurate results to complex queries with multiple components. Microsoft demonstrated the new feature of Bing in front of the audience and showed how it can present traditional search results along with annotated answers and an AI chat interface for further assistance.


Microsoft has made available its upgraded Edge browser and Bing search engine, powered by the latest version of AI technology ChatGPT. The tech giant claims that approximately half of all searches are not solved by traditional results, particularly when the question has multiple complex components. However, the company believes that Bing’s newly introduced “Prometheus Model,” driven by OpenAI technology, can provide relevant results and annotated answers for the user. During a private press briefing, Microsoft demonstrated Bing’s new feature in front of the audience, displaying traditional search results with annotations and an AI chat interface. The AI chat interface can assist in diving deeper into questions and gather information from search results to compile a list. The Edge browser has been redesigned to align with the appearance of Windows 11 and the Bing sidebar is now accessible across the browser, providing the ability to summarize, link documents, and compare data between multiple pages. The new Edge browser and Bing are available for preview but with a limited-time sign-up on the waitlist required


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