Remnant 2 Archon Class Hidden Behind Datamining and Outfit Selecting

By RealSamiru

The Archon class in Remnant 2 is a hidden class that can only be unlocked by equipping a specific set of items and skills, or by selecting the appropriate outfit in the game’s wardrobe. The items and skills required to unlock the Archon class are not listed in the game’s menus, but they are hidden in the game’s files.

Dataminers were able to find the hidden information about the Archon class, and they shared it with the community. This allowed players to unlock the Archon class without having to datamine themselves.

The decision to hide the Archon class behind datamining and outfit selecting is a curious one. It is possible that the developers wanted to create a sense of mystery around the Archon class, or that they wanted to reward players who were willing to dig into the game’s files.

Whatever the reason, the Archon class is a unique and powerful addition to Remnant 2. It is a hybrid class that combines the abilities of the Explorer and Invader classes, and it has access to a variety of powerful skills.

If you are interested in unlocking the Archon class, you can find more information about the required items and skills on the Remnant 2 wiki. You can also find a video guide on how to unlock the Archon class on YouTube.

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