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Why do we need SMS marketing?

By WebMaster

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  1. SMS marketing is mandatory,Mandatory here is not to force users to buy, but to force users to read. in general, if there is no problem with the telecommunications network, the text messages we send will be sent to the other party’s mobile phone without error. Even if it is inconvenient for the other party to read at that time, he will read it at the right time.
  2. Real-time nature of SMS marketing,If you use a mobile phone to send text messages, it takes 1 second for a mobile phone to send 1 text message, and about 86400 text messages can be sent in 1 day.
  3. The spread,fast SMS advertising is not limited by time and region, any province or city in the country is the same; send millions of mobile phone users can receive advertising information immediately after sending. The content of the advertisement can be changed at any time to ensure that the latest information is disseminated to consumers in the shortest possible time.
  4. Less,Investment SMS advertising breaks the traditional advertising media pricing rules, advertisers set their own budget, targeted quantitative sending to target customers. The form of communication is fashionable and novel. high focus return SMS advertising directly affects the most consuming family, and the same product can easily transmit different advertising information according to different receiving objects, to maximize the customer’s desire to buy.
  5. the breadth of SMS marketing,if you’re willing to pay tens of thousands of rupees for text messaging, you can send a text message to all mobile phone users in a city. This kind of broadness can be said to be difficult to achieve in any other form of propaganda. and even then, it still doesn’t lose the economics of SMS marketing.

    The most important feature of SMS advertising is directly to the recipient’s mobile phone, “one-to-one” transmission of information, mandatory reading, strong timeliness, and 100% reading rate! in the limited time of media-to-person contact, the frequency of contact between people and advertisements can be increased.

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